“Jill Danzig is that rare combination in a publicist of someone who really cares about and understands the book she is representing and who also has impressive, sensitive and far-reaching relationships with a variety of media. Although we already had experience with the press and television, our media training sessions were transformative, helping us to sharpen our message so that we could reach a broad audience. And as an extra added bonus, Jill is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to work with!”-Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner, authors, LEAD WARS


“Jill Danzig is terrific. She expertly guided the launch of my book, generating the press release, setting up book signings, and arranging interviews.  But more than that, she coached me and helped me prepare for events, made sure I got to where I had to be, and generally made it easy for me.  I am so glad she was my publicist, and is now my friend.”-Francine Mary Netter, author, MEDICINE’S MICHELANGELO


“Jill Danzig is a perfect combination of talents. She’s a tough-minded professional who makes it her business to become conversant with her authors’ fields and all the nooks and crannies of their publicity venues; she’s literally willing to contact hundreds of people and doesn’t let the smallest detail slip through the cracks.  Particularly for first time authors, Jill is an incredibly comforting presence, always willing to lend a sympathetic ear, calm anxieties, and provide helpful criticism and guidance. The bottom line: Jill persists – often agains the odds – and produces fantastic results.”   -Carla Peterson, author, BLACK GOTHAM

“Jill Danzig was energetic, wise, practical and, above all, very effective at helping us get out book launched. I would never bring out a book again without help from the redoubtable Ms. Danzig! -Stephen H. Case, co-author, Treacherous Beauty

“For a first time author, Jill was a wonderful resource for developing and carrying out a book promotion campaign. I’ve learned a great deal through our collaboration.”-Brian Stone, author, The City and the Coming Climate

“Jill’s energetic outreach for our book — and her personal coaching before our media appearances — made a big difference in the book’s reception. She was professional in every way. A joy to work with.
– Mark Jacob, co-author, Treacherous Beauty

“I’ve worked with Jill Danzig for more than a fifteen years on four books—and I’ll gladly do the fifth with her if she hasn’t grown tired of me! She’s a true professional in every way. She gets it about my readers, she understands my skills and reticences, and she makes solid connections to relevant markets. As a journalist myself, I admire the publicist who knows her subject well, communicates about it without being either facile or pedantic, and approaches the media with just the right mix of assertiveness and patience. That’s who she is—and the more you interview with people Jill lines up for you, the more you realize how much they respect her.”-Rushworth M. Kidder, author, GOOD KIDS, TOUGH CHOICES

“Jill Danzig is a truly outstanding publicist and a lovely person. It was a pleasure to work with someone with such competence, insight, judgment, and attention to detail. In the increasingly competitive market for public attention, Jill is the ideal advocate. She knows who to contact and what to say, and handles all the detail work with such care that nothing falls through the cracks. No academic author who wants to nudge the world could do better.”-Deborah Rhode, author, THE BEAUTY BIAS

“Jill Danzig demonstrated both a thoroughgoing knowledge of the market and an ability to procure important venues. Jill not only scheduled interviews with major media; she attended our appearances, critiqued our performances, and made suggestions that never failed to improve our presentations. She was always available – and given the semi-controlled paranoia of authors, this says a lot – and was unflagging in her commitment to our book, and to us. Our only regret is that we couldn’t retain Jill for the next year or two!-Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter, co-authors, THE SLAVE NEXT DOOR

“Jill Danzig is an exceptional publicist. It is difficult for me to find the words to capture just how rewarding it was to work with her. She went far above, and far beyond mere professionalism. She took a genuine interest in me as a person, and she treated my book as if it were her own. Most important, our campaign was a great success thanks to her tireless efforts, constant follow-through, and extensive relationships. The only thing you will regret about working with Ms. Danzig, is that one day, the campaign must come to an end.” - Siddharth Kara, author, SEX TRAFFICKING

“I can easily sing Jill Danzig’s praises. I have hired her on numerous projects that have come with unique challenges and high expectations; in each case, she has been the consummate professional, offering advice, allowing for flexibility in approach, seeing the bigger picture, and using her years of experience to target just the right audience. Jill has strong, enduring relationships with media contacts, and she is tireless in her outreach, whether developing a print campaign, targeting broadcast outlets, or planning a multi-city tour. Our authors trust and adore her, and for this reason it’s such a comfort to hire her for a campaign. I always appreciate her warmth and guidance. She is a pleasure.” - Alex Dahne, Publicity Director, University of California Press

“As first time authors of a book on a topic that’s generally considered deadly (the federal budget), we were extraordinarily lucky to have Jill Danzig working with us on the publicity. She immediately grasped the material and our approach to it. She shaped a remarkably effective plan to get the word out. She helped us make the most of our opportunities, and as relative novices on the interview circuit, her calm demeanor and wonderfully practical advice made all the difference. She is knowledgeable, an astute professional, and a genuinely warm and gracious colleague.” -Jean Johnson & Scott Bittle, authors, WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO?

“Jill Danzig is wonderful to work with. My book, INSOMNIAC, is a university press book with a massive number of endnotes; it would probably have fallen into the black book hole that most academic books fall into, if it hadn’t been for Jill. She got it on the map. From our first telephone conversation, I knew I was dealing with a pro, and in course of the weeks, I came to increased appreciation of her. It was fabulous to have her in my corner during the nearly 40 radio interviews and bookstore appearances she arranged. She’s extremely well connected in the media world, and a pleasure to work with– a consistently reassuring and helpful presence, there to advise and inform without putting pressure, and super-scrupulous: no detail escaped her, nothing slipped between the cracks.” -Gayle Greene, author, INSOMNIAC

“Jill Danzig brought imagination, thoroughness, & outstanding connections to gain *Driven Out* national attention–press, radio, television. She guided this academic author through her first trade book and worked closely and well with Random House’s publicist who remarked that Jill Danzig was one of the finest independent publicists she has encountered. Jill understood the multiple audiences for Driven Out. She has deep contacts in traditional and ethnic media outlets. She gave *Driven Out* an incredible launch.” -Jean Pfaelzer, author, DRIVEN OUT

“Jill Danzig joined the publicity campaign for my latest book in midstream, working first in tandem with my in-house publicist, and then independently to build momentum after the initial book tour. I felt from our first conversation that Jill genuinely cared about my book and its success, an impression that only deepened as her initiative, superb interpersonal skills, and use of media contacts added edge to the campaign. She speedily raised my book’s profile, deftly helped organize events, and handled major responsibilities such as dealing with national media with unfailing efficiency, good grace, and persistence. I look forward to the pleasure of working with her again in the future.”- Fergus Bordewich, author, BOUND FOR CANAAN

“Jill Danzig is a thoroughly professional public relations consultant who is a pleasure to work with. She knows the publishing industry inside and out, is meticulous without being stuffy and gets jobs done carefully and in a timely fashion. Her reports are well considered and informative. She is solicitous of her clients without being overbearing. In short, if you think from this brief description that Jill Danzig is the paragon of a public relations consultant, you are correct.”-Peter Ascoli, author, JULIUS ROSENWALD

“Jill Danzig immersed herself in my book, became its strongest advocate, and worked on its promotion with passion, remarkable intellect, and unending energy. I could not have made a better choice. Throughout her publicity campaign, Jill communicated with me on a nearly daily basis. She provided me with constant updates, discussed her new ideas, and kept me as an integral part of her activities. Open to new concepts and ways to promote the book, Jill patiently listened to my thoughts and suggestions, and incorporated them in her work. Our effective teamwork was instrumental in the successful promotion of the book. Without hesitation, I recommend Danzig Communications.” -Behzad Yaghmaian, author, EMBRACING THE INFIDEL

“Robert Fogel is one of the few Nobel Prize winners that the University of Chicago Press has published, and for that reason we wanted to ensure that everything for his book would be handled as professionally and efficiently as possible. In this regard, Jill Danzig surpassed our expectations. From the start they had an excellent grasp on a complicated book. The press materials on a book that many reviewers felt was difficult to understand were absolutely superb, and they even received compliments from reviewers and journalists, which as we know is rare indeed … Jill was equally impressive in her interactions and travels with Professor Fogel. He repeatedly told me how much he appreciated her work and how highly he thought of her personally. From a man with such acquaintances and demands, that is truly high praise …” -Erin Hogan, former Promotions Director, University of Chicago Press